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Title I

Title I - What is it?

  • Title I is a federal program, dating back to 1965 and President Johnson’s “War on
    Poverty” that provides financial assistance to school districts and schools with
    high percentages of low-income families. The goal is to help ensure that all
    children meet the challenging academic standards. The federal application form
    for free and reduced lunch and book fees (F/R) is used to determine each
    school’s count. The federal government passes Indiana’s monetary allotment to
    our Indiana Department of Education (DOE) to manage. The state government
    passes on the funds to individual school corporations using a F/R formula based
    on census figures and F/R information. This will be the first year using the 2010
    census results. Once the school corporation receives the yearly allotment, the
    corporation may determine the most needy schools and allocate the funds to
    several or fewer schools by the rank order of their F/R status. No schools with a
    percentage less than the corporation average may be given a Title I status,
    however, schools with a F/R percentage 15% or higher qualify for the F/R
    breakfast program.