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P-H-M Positive COVID Dashboard

*Data is updated daily, except over the weekend, holidays or districtwide recess days.


Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation and the Board of School Trustees is committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 positive cases while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our students and staff.  


The data in the P-H-M Dashboards represents our most accurate count of positive COVID-19 cases to the best of our ability among district staff and students as reported to us either by families, individuals, or by the St. Joseph County Health Department. 


The P-H-M Dashboards are updated daily, except over the weekend, holidays or districtwide recess days (breaks). You can also click visit the Indiana State Department of Health’s Dashboard broken down by school. However, please keep in mind that the ISDH School Dashboard is only updated once a week on Mondays.


P-H-M has approximately 11,000 students (grades PreK-12) and about 1,500 total employees.


P-H-M tracks COVID student and staff positive cases in two ways:

  1. Cases for the Previous 10 days (we go by the date of the positive test result that is reported to us either by families, individuals, or by the St. Joseph County Health Department)

  2. Cumulative Total since July 2020 (when middle and Penn High School fall athletic & band practices began)


Click to view positive cases for the Previous 10 days.


Click to view the Cumulative Total of positive cases (since July 2020). 



The Dashboard is broken down into these data groups:

  • Students & Staff
  • Grade Level
  • School Building
  • Staff Position
  • Student Athletic Sport Activity
  • Student Clubs

  • Student Performing Arts Activity

*If there is no positive case in a particular dataset (either in the previous 10 days or cumulative total), that dataset will not be shown.

*Students who are attending virtually and are COVID positive are included in the datasets on the P-H-M Dashboard but a parent communication will not be sent by the principal for these students.


The School District does not send districtwide communication on positive cases. The building principal notifies the staff and families of the impacted building via email. 


When P-H-M Administrators receive notification of a positive case, the following actions are taken:

  1. Contact Tracing of the positive case begins to identify Close Contacts

    Following CDC and Indiana State Dept. of Health Guidelines, positive cases must now do the following:
    *isolate at home for at least 10 days since the first symptoms began AND 
    *be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hours AND with improvement of symptoms

  2. Close Contacts are identified, notified and quarantined for 14 days
    *Click here for more details on contact tracing from ISDH.
    *Click here for more details on quarantine from the CDC.

  3. Principal notifies building teachers and staff of a positive case in the building

  4. Principal notifies all school parents/families of a positive case in the building. The principal will not notify parents if the student is attending school virtually.

  5. If necessary, parents and staff (who are not close contacts) of the impacted classroom will receive a more detailed notification. This is not always necessary if the close contacts have been quickly identified, not returned to school and are quarantining.


We consult with the St. Joseph County Health Department on specific situations to determine whether there is a need to shut down an impacted classroom, or the entire school. As part of the safety protocols put into place as part of the District’s Overview “Return to Learn” safety plan, students are broken down and grouped together in pods within their home classroom to limit exposure risk should a positive case happen. This also allows for efficient and thorough contact tracing. Students are even grouped together for lunch and recess. Assigned seating and seating charts are utilized on buses, in the classrooms, and in the cafeteria to also assist with quick and effective contact tracing.


Federal privacy laws, HIPPA and FERPA, prevent us from providing the identity of positive cases. Therefore, this data is aggregated separately and is not relatable to the other categories; therefore we are not inadvertently identifying the positive cases.