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P-H-M Board approves Teachers Agreement raising starting salary to $41,000

At the Board Meeting held Monday, November 11, the Penn-Harris-Madison Board of School Trustees approved the agreement between the P-H-M Teachers Association and the School Corporation increasing the minimum base starting salary for current P-H-M teachers and new hires for the 2019-2020 school year to $41,000, which P-H-M believes to be the highest in our area!


The new salary range for P-H-M teachers will be $41,000 to $70,148 marking the first time that the top of our salary range exceeds $70,000.


“We are grateful to the Governor and the Indiana Legislature for the one-time funding increase to the Teacher Retirement Fund (TRF); this freed up extra money for school districts to pass along to teachers,” said P-H-M Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker. “Coupled with P-H-M’s conservative budgeting, we are proud to be in the position to compensate our teachers at a competitive rate.”


“At P-H-M, we are committed to attracting, retaining and rewarding highly qualified teachers,” Dr. Thacker went on to state. “They are a crucial component to our Triangle of Success by which our students benefit. We are proud to offer academic excellence at all levels, for all students. We recognize and value our teachers’ contributions to that excellence.”


The PHMTA membership overwhelmingly ratified the agreement on Wednesday, Oct. 31. The collaboration between P-H-M administration and the Teachers’ Association shows the value and vision that both sides share in attracting and retaining the area’s most highly qualified teachers.


P-H-M’s teacher agreement covers a one-year time period from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.  All teachers who have one or more years of experience will receive varying combinations of base salary increase and a one-time stipend as shown in chart below:


teacher salary chart


Teachers with more than one year of experience will receive salary increases ranging from $900 to $2,200, with an average salary increase of $1,646, or 3.38%. Additionally, teachers with one or more years of experience will receive a one-time stipend ranging from $500 to $1,580. Teachers with three or more years of experience, who comprise approximately 85% of P-H-M’s teaching staff, will receive a total of $2,700 between an increase in salary and the one-time stipend.


This agreement also enhances compensation received by P-H-M teachers when they:

  • Sub for other teachers,
  • Teach Dual Credit/Advanced Credit Placement courses incentivizing them to obtain a master’s degree in their content area or reward them for obtaining their master’s to comply with the Higher Learning Commission’s 2022 requirements, or
  • Who agree to sell back certain unused sick days to reward long service employees with a commendable attendance record.


Adding to these favorable pay enhancements for teachers, there will be no plan changes to either of Penn-Harris-Madison’s insurance plans. Employee contributions will increase by a modest 4% starting January 1, 2020.