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TCU Freed Field Construction Impacts

TCU/Freed Field will undergo construction this summer May 10 running through approximately August 1. Beginning May 10, the parking area nearest the football field designated as Fitness Center parking will be utilized for construction and fencing has been installed.


Open Swim patrons, effective now – July 19, will need to enter Penn through the front at Door D. You will be able to use the Penn’s front parking lot. You will NOT have access to the back parking lot or Door E.


In June, the curved drive north of the field will be blocked for construction. The sidewalk will be available along this drive only. All traffic into the arena lot will be designated for construction, delivery and emergency traffic only during this 4-6 week period. Fitness Center parking will be available along the East Drive during this time.


On June 8-9, the North Drive access to Freed Field will be blocked for construction purposes. All access to the back (East) of Penn High School should be directed to Jefferson Road entrance.


Parents dropping off or picking up students from Kingsmen Athletic Summer Camps taking place at Freed Field or any other camps at Penn will need to use the Jefferson Road (East Side) or Front entrances.


Due to the construction, the Fitness Center entrance will move to Door H starting on June 8.  

Only delivery traffic and construction vehicles will be permitted in the Arena Lot during construction for safety of all and traffic logistics.


The Fitness Center entrance at Door H will be programmed the same as door G. Patrons visiting the Fitness Center should park in the lots south of the dock area only. Fitness Center parking will be permitted south of Door H after 3 p.m.