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"Day at the Cubs" for one Walt Disney 4th grade class

Mrs. Cramer's 4th grade class outside Wrigley Field (April 13, 2017)

On Thursday, April 13, Mrs. Jodi Cramer’s 4th grade class took the field trip of a lifetime … all the way from Walt Disney Elementary School on North Filbert Road, Mishawaka to Wrigley Field at Clark and Addison on the North Side of Chicago!

For some of her students, it was their first time to Chicago and it was definitely the first Cubs game for the majority of “TEAM Cramer.”


​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field ​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field


The students were treated like celebrities from the minute of they stepped off their Royal Excursion bus. Anxiously awaiting the arrival were South Bend’s three TV stations, Cubs representatives and P-H-M Administrators.


​​​​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field ​​​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field

The students were beyond excited, not sure what or where to look first trying to take in all the sights and sounds of Wriglyeville. They were whisked away to begin their V.I.P. tour of the stadium that included an on-field photo opportunity. The class’ personal tour guide gave the students all the historical background on the Cubs from the team’s creation and first name the “Chicago Chickens,” through the “Loveable Loser” years, all the way up to present day as the 2016 World Series Champions. And the kids soaked it all in, relishing every last detail.


 ​​​​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field ​​​​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley Field

The most exciting part of their day was of course the game … and what a game it was! The students not only saw a shutout game with the Cubs winning 4-0 against the Dodgers. They also saw not one, but two homeruns, one from Anthony Rizzo and the other from Addison Russell. They also witnessed two amazing catches against the ivy by Cubs center fielder Albert Almora Jr. It was a chilly day at the ballpark, but all the cheering definitely warmed the students up!


 ​​​​Walt Disney 4th Grade Trip to Wrigley FieldClick and drag to move​


Their treatment as little celebrities continued throughout the game with a 5th inning video board welcome from the Cubs to the students. And during the 7th inning stretch singing of “Take me out to the ballgame,” some of the students got the extra thrill of being featured on the video board.


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