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Forms for Parents

The forms provided on this page can be opened or saved, and then printed by parents. Once the information is completed, please submit to the proper office. Your school’s front office or guidance staff can help if you are unsure which form to use or who to give  it to. 


*Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view the pdfs on this page. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe’s website, at this link, to download your free version.



  • Student Registration Packet – Required for all students enrolling at a P-H-M school. These initial registration forms remain in the permanent record and does not need to be completed in subsequent years unless a student withdraws and then returns. Learn more at this web page. Non-residents shall not use these forms until they have been accepted through the non-resident student application process

  • Election to Attend School – Used when the parents/guardians have residency in more than one school district (e.g., mother lives within P-H-M boundaries and father elsewhere) to indicate which school district the student will attend. This form is to be submitted annually. 

  • Current Student Moving Out of District – Use this form if your student attends a P-H-M school and you are moving out-of-district and want the student(s) to remain enrolled at his/her current school. 

  • Internal Transfer Form 2018-2019 School Year – Use this form to apply to have your students attend a P-H-M school other than the "home" school that serves your neighborhood.  Internal transfers must be requested and approved annually.



  • Consent to Publish Student Work and Photographs – This form is collected annually and parents are encouraged to return it immediately so that we may promote school activities and celebrate student success. 

  • Drug Testing Program Consent Form – Per board policy, students who participate in extra-curricular activities including athletics, must participate in the drug testing program with parental consent. 



  • Affidavit of Residence –  If the student and parent live without “proof of address,” generally because someone else’s name is on the lease or utilities, the acual tenant or homeowner shall complete this form on the student’s behalf.  Proof of address is necessary for the school district to confirm residency. 

  • Third Party Custody Agreement (Form II) – This form is used to document when a student lives with someone other than his/her legal parent or guardian. It does not establish guardianship or custody, only “living arrangements.” 

  • Custodial Statement and Agreement (Form I)

  • Election to Attend School (Form III)

  • McKinney-Vento Act Form – Information collected on this form is in accordance with the federal McKinney-Vento Act on homeless families/students, and helps school administrators determine the residency documents necessary for the continued enrollment of a student



  • Request for Bus Stop Review

  • Add/change Address Form – This form can be used by students who are new to P-H-M or current students who are moving to a new address within the district. Submit the form to your school office and the school secretary will forward it to Transportation Services in order to start, stop or change busing.








  • Payment Agreement Form – Parent(s) may use this form to arrange payment of annual fees over time. 2018-2019 fees are due in full by March 1, 2019. 


To try out and/or participate in any middle school athletic sports team you must have a current athletic physical form on file at your child’s middle school office before you may try out!  Physical must be dated after April 1st for the following school year.

  • Physician's Certificate & Certification of Insurance –  The Physician's Certificate of physical fitness & certification of insurance must be on file in the main office each school year.  Click the link above to use the writeable pdf. You can partially fill out the form online, download, print, sign and date and return to your school’s Front Office before your child tries out for the sport.

  • Middle School Athletic and Extracurricular Code of Conduct  – Both the student and a parent must sign this form in order for the student to participate in any contest, competition, or activity during the school year. This form covers all athletic, academic competitions and extracurricular activities for the school year. Click the link above to use the writeable pdf. You can partially fill out the form online, download, print, sign and date and return to your school’s Front Office before your child tries out for the sport.

  • Middle School Accident Insurance – P-H-M requires for students wishing to participate in district sponsored athletic programs to have insurance, either family medical insurance or student accident insurance. K & K Insurance is one of many companies that offer K-12 school student accident insurance. Families are free to chose any accident medical insurance from any company they desire, but must provide proof of insurance. Click the link to download a pdf of the company flier or visit their website at

  • Drug Testing Program Consent Form for middle school. Click the link to use the writeable pdf. You can partially fill out the form online, download, print, sign and date and return to your school’s Front Office before your child tries out for the sport.



  • IHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Form – This form must be completed each spring (no sooner than April 1) in order for any student, Grade 8 and higher, to participate in school-sponsored athletics the following school year. 
  • Penn High School Code of Conduct
    Penn High School is able to offer its students a multitude of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, many of which are widely recognized throughout the community, state, and even the nation. Because the influence of students participating in these activities extends beyond the Penn High School campus, these students are required to uphold high academic and behavioral standards. Every Penn student has the opportunity to participate in these programs, and it is our wish that every student will do so. It must be understood, however, that participation in these programs is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. All students participating in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities must follow the standards set forth in this guide, not only during the school day, but at all times, including non-school hours and vacations (including the summer months). Each participating   student, in addition to his or her parent or guardian, is required to review this guide and sign a certificate of  understanding.


Parent Volunteer Form